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There was no one else depicting queer sexuality or the beauty and drama of women falling in love with other women. Here, we talk about how U.

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There was no one else depicting queer sexuality or the beauty and drama of women falling in love with other women. Here, we talk about how U.

Refinery When did you decide it was time for the show to come back? We were also made aware that The L Word was still alive and well and robust in online conversation and it had become a deep part of the culture, particularly in the LGBT community. We realized we had to do something, and we met again on November 18 — I know that because I have a photo from the meeting — and we decided to really dedicate ourselves to the show.

We knew what was coming in the way that [Trump] was campaigning. It was very divisive culturally, and we wanted there to be push against the tsunami that was coming and did come.

He took office and he attacked the LGBT community immediately. We wanted to err on the side of love.

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Did you feel the responsibility to course correct this time around? We have the opportunity to reflect the times in which we live. You can try to ensure certain integrity that you have from the original show, but you have to jump in with absolute joy that the world is not the same and therefore you get to explore escort boards net conversations and different ways of being.

That is really exciting.

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Certainly, [this time around] you have trans actors playing trans roles, and a more-diverse cast. How do you feel about it now?

We should do it this way. When people in the trans community were on TV shows, they were always mentally ill or there was some criminal aspect to them.

Jennifer beals defends herself from critics after leaving dog in car

She already started to change the conversation and I think people are forgetting that. Was it perfect?

Absolutely not. Was it hurtful to some people?

This is the fact I just realized. Since you are a straight actor, what do you think of it?

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I take that very seriously. I do that with gratitude, and I find it to be an honor, honestly. To have been called an honorary lesbian makes me very, very happy.

Cgat it putting on her power suits? I think having a teenage daughter who is figuring out her own independence forces [Bette] to be less controlling, which is certainly a challenge. How did that make you feel being on set with people who have been so influenced by your work?

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Our main priority and responsibility was to welcome the new cast into the new iteration of the show. We would have cast dinners all together and talk through issues that were going on in script.

We just let them know if they have questions at all about anything to please reach out to us. This is a new show.

We celebrate that. The original Flashdance sweater pnone my own and I have that. The other one from the film is a replica. If you ever saw me wearing that, you should have an intervention.

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