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Exposed wife chat

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Wife's lie about premarital sex partners exposed - so wiife what? When we were dating, she led me to believe that I was the second sexual partner she had ever had.

Shortly after our wedding, I found out through some mutual acquaintances she had attended college with that she had been very promiscuous during her college years and that the of men she has been with is far greater than two. I feel lied to and trapped in my marriage.

If I had known this, I would not have married her. She knows I know. She dismissed it by saying the past doesn't matter, but what she fails to recognize is that it matters to me.

I can't help but wonder if she has lied to me about something this important, what else will she lie to me about? I love her and want to stay with her, but I feel betrayed and, frankly, embarrassed by her now. What do I do?

Confounded silxa escorts the South Dear Confounded: People lie when they feel threatened, when they want to impress someone or when they're ashamed of something. The lie your wife told you may fall into the latter category. She wasn't honest about the of men she had been with because she knew you would react the way you have.

You say you love her, but if you truly feel wive by the fact that you're not the wife man she has slept with, then you either need to change your attitude or do her a favor and think about ending your exposed. From my perspective, the of lovers she has had since the chat is far more important than the she had before. Please be aware that many women brampton escort ladyboy our society exposeed had multiple partners, so if you're looking to replace your wife anytime soon, you may be hard pressed to find a woman with no experience.

If you want to salvage your marriage, I strongly recommend you talk to a therapist, but wfie spend your money unless you can forgive your wife for being afraid to tell you the truth. Dear Abby: I'm a year-old guy, and I have a problem.

I recently met a girl in a chat room, and we seemed to hit it off pretty well. As we've been talking, she has told me she is suicidal, and in the past three days she has made three attempts to take her life. As Jaco richardson prostitutes writing this, she is in the hospital.

Being a sensitive person, I try to talk her out of it, but she keeps shutting me out, and once she's OK, she is a completely different person. I still want to be her friend, but this is getting to be too much for me. Please help.

Worried in Vermont Dear Worried: You are a caring person, but you must recognize that the girl you are corresponding with is emotionally fragile. Right now she is unable to respond to you and, frankly, you are not equipped to help her.

Wife exposed a paedophile in chat room | news | netlaw

It's good that wlfe is in the hospital because that is where she needs to be until she can be stabilized. If you continue to stay in touch with her and she tells you again that she is suicidal, you should ask her where she is and if she has done anything to herself.

Then call and report it so she can get help quickly. Dear Abby: What do you do with a husband who is loud and ecposed, who curses constantly and argues with you and the TV, and is a bully to you and your daughter?

Write to Dear Abby at P. BoxLos Angeles, CA or www. Most Popular.