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I am using this time to find myself.

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Scribner v. waffle house, inc., f. supp. (n.d. tex. )

I am using this time to find myself. I feel very blessed to be at this point. I will purchase a return flight at some point. I am here in order to take a much needed break and to help my friend Traka move to Baltimore to pursue a masters degree. The only feeling that I can confirm fjck now is that reparations are in order for me.

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Not by way of the sterile animal stimulus package but rather in a restorative catalytic sense. I petitioned the universe before coming here. I sent in a special request for the ability to really learn how to let go of nouns that do not serve me. My brain has been impacted by experiences, and the rehearsal of those experiences in an attempt to avoid trauma. Cgat the escort juarez reinforcing a hardwired cycle ah really had nothing to do with me anyway.

This trip is about medina mature sex chat myself in the world differently. This blog is as organized as I could present my thoughts, so bear with and ride the tangents with me. Back to Charlotte I visited Charlotte a few years fuvk, but this trip is different. Traka allowed me to accompany her on her last day of work.

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It felt like take your daughter to work day. Do y'all remember that day circa the early 90s? Her asment was to install art in Goldman Sachs lobby. I think it affected the little girl in me.

The one that is totally unaware of systemic hierarchical issues in society. The one that lights up around the shit seen and heard on the television. The one who is curious about everything.

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It's ok to be excited and want to find out more. It is ok to traverse spaces ufck originally intended for people like you. Wisdom escort angel visalia that we all shit and eat the same way. Being jaded comes at the expense of learning. On the plane he talked about learning more about cultures beyond your own. I am world traveled so I am definitely interested in cultures beyond my own.

There is nothing wrong with that because that focus is needed in the world. However, I recognize how and why the fortress in my mind was built. It was built to protect my community therefore I am on the defense mentally. That gentle reminder from the audio book on fuxk plane really reset a lot of things mansfield escorts my spirit.

We are going to be ok, and if anything we need to learn more about the world around us to learn more about us. Learning to learn not to convict or fight all the time, there is a time, a place, dannemora new york free adult personals a use for everything. I came here for a break, remember. Fast forward a few frames to that very evening. The last time I visited Traka told me we would go out and we went nowhere fast still rolling libe eyes at the reason years later.

Trying to be mindful and considerate with regards to not over crowding the car with excess luggage during the move. I like to pack light anyways. But I have a wadfle to my set of packing rules. Note to self honey always have a back up. My feet no longer enjoy parading in five inch heels boo. I never believed older women when they said I had young feet.

Now that I am older I totally understand.

The balancing act that was once so amusing is now for the birds. Yes, yes I have picked chah partial doodie bootie tendencies, I know. I am generally really compulsive about bathing. A part of me is mortified by the sin I committed in my personal rulebook but whatever.

Nobody knew and everyone had a compliment. Moral of the story is let go of all the body shaming and hot water wasted.

The doodie booty chronicles continue with this new life hack. We ran out of them disposable makeup sponges and so I used a dollar store panty liner to apply my foundation and that shit was flawless, fuck what you heard.

No one was any the wiser. Cut to: Traka and I arrive at the venue and all I want to do is go home and go to bed.

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There were so many people out, so many young folks. I am not old but I am old enough to recognize the seasons that have passed or so I thought. But the universe has a way of checking me these days within minutes.

I had to eat my words shortly thereafter, while being metal detected at the club entrance. The security guard brought me right out of that with a few slick ass lines about not letting me into the club unless I smiled. He was so cute, so husky, and he had a flavor saver so I gladly obliged.

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Enable ear to ear mode. Oh and he twirled your girl around in last nights outfit and all. Perhaps all the jade in my spirit is what contributes to me feeling a lot older and often alienated from people my earth age. My jade green grinch heart never even knew it wanted a gold wristband.

So we in the VIP across from Shad Moss [side eye roll not because of his legacy but more so at mistress atropa current behavior], gold wristbands, and rose with the sparklers in the top. Who knows? A bit of both could be the truth. To be afforded situations wfafle transcend my social location.

Not in a freeloading kind of way because I do not carry that energy, but rather in a good company waffoe.

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Even with all my jade and issues from vogue I am still good peoples because I am me. The me you see in this moment. I could have been irritated by a of factors, but had to choose to let the baggage go, and have a great time. Fast forward to the Waffle e not the waffle house the lost the h. I took photos because for the first time, I experienced the waffle e under the influence. I thought I hated this place, well that free horny chat rooms because I had it sober.

That place is to be enjoyed in an inebriated context. Golden fluorescent otherwise harsh ass lighting, waiters that houss just as confused by your order as you are, folks lashes leaning, presses sweating, lace lifting, and dimples in booties smiling for no apparent reason. I understand why I am here, it's to revive my mind with happier memories, to focus on the higher vibrational energies.

Can we finally please note how sophistiratchet my life is, the experiences on this day were so disparaging, and Melbourne indian escorts really really enjoy that aspect of my life. The way we access most things is unconventional.