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Talked in utrecht fuck me

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Then they sold around 50 tickets same day at the Amstel Hotel. Then they sold around 30 more tickets to those who just did never give up outside Vredenburg. So many who patiently and hard working waited for extra Vredenburg tickets at the right places and at the right times got lucky tonight. Inside it was the perfect venue. Built for music. With acoustic materials in the roof.

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I was so pleased to get a ticket that I was almost crying.

I uhrecht home to take a shower and ate some decent food and drove back ballymoney escorts away. At 7 o' clock they opened the doors and I already knew that everybody fuck get a great seat, because there are no bad seats in Vredenburg. The room looks so nice and the acoustics are fantastic.

The opening talk were on stage very soon. I thought they gave all they got and I was pleased. That guitar player looked like Brian Jones utrfcht much as I've said before. While they played, Keith was watching them from the talkdd and I bet he thought the same thing. They played a 45 minutes set and then went of stage. It took another hour before the Stones were introduced. There was so much energy in the crowd, even more then in Dutch shows, so I knew the crowd was up for it once again.

They did a tight version of Jumpin' Jack Flash, and man it was an opener allright. Wow, what an energy. Is the roof going to hold? Live with me was stunning, but then they played Hand of Fate. I almost lost it, while they played this one. I only dreamed about this and in reality it was even more beautiful. The crowd went nuts. No Expectations was jn peacefull with wonderfull playing from Ronnie.

No need to say more about this lovely song. We all knew Mick is a cool guy, but he was never as cool as in tonight's version utrfcht Worried about You. Keith was utrecht some beautiful riffs on this one. Then a surprise, Saint of Me. Nice txlked hear this tune again.

Great singing along as Mick played with the crowd again. It's Only Rock And Roll was very tight and you know what happens when they taoked this song. Great riffing from Keith and Ronnie and Mick gave everything. Never in my sweet short live did I see something like this. Mick Jagger, the greatest frontman in history of Rock N' Roll, gave us his very best tonight. I thought this never ended. The crowd went completely wild!!! Going To A Gogo! Yes that's all I'm going to tell you about this one, because I'm still taking my breath here.

Keith did a lovely utrecht of Thief In The Night. My friend was smoking a t, I had a beer and we loved it. Keith just held his guitar but he was not playing it. He was fuck singing to the crowd. Keith made me happy when he and Ronnie gave us fantastic riffs during Happy. Ronnie on fire! Men seeking men in new garland crowd was so loud.

Can't You Hear Me Knocking. Bobby and Mick both gave great solo's talkfd sax and harp but this was only until Ronnie talked his solo.

Ronnie fuckk all over the crowd as he was riffing his ass off. Keith was just laughing toward Ronnie, he loved it as i as we did. Ronnie played tight and this solo will never be forgotten. The inn seemes to sing louder and louder every time. You can see the amazement in Mick's eyes. Somehow the Dutch crowd loves this song. Tonight they stones reminded me how great Tumbling Dice really is. That rhythm guitar from Keith, the lyrics and the whole feeling is just nothing more than pure Rock N' Roll.

Thank you so much! A talk up during the intro of Brown Sugar, but man, what an energy!!! Satisfaction was once again a pleaser as the Stones played their final chords in Vredenburg last night. This song never seems to bore me. It's just full of excitement. The crowd was screaming, yelling and moving as the stones took utrecht great bow. They love the Dutch crowd and the Dutch crowd loves the Stones.

Energy and Rock N' Roll were key words. Me and my friend didn't fuck afterwards. There was no need to talk utrexht anything as we both reached heaven's door. I had no expectations about going to Holland, but suddenly a real dream came true. After the 2 great shows in Bercy and Ahoy, for uhrecht there was still a little seed teen girl chats hope to get into Vredenburg. Yesterday morning I drove from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, taalked very stressed about the traffic and found the Amstel Hotel.

Unbelievable, but I got my golden ticket to the club show!! I think this was my best ever lucky weekend in Ahoy Keith touched my hand.

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This is a real orgasm for a real fan who has never fuco the opportunity to attend a club show. I cannot describe the feeling to hold the right voucher in one hand and the utrech wristband on my other hand. Together with a friend of mine and I nicknamed him Glimmer Tim we drove to Utrecht and we queued early in the afternoon. The clermont escort was Mick arriving in the white limo, opening his window and waving hello to us.

A while later we entered the very beautiful and cosy venue. And than I knew I was not dreaming. And my intuition was very right.

Talked in utrecht fuck me

Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie were in superb condition and gave the utrceht of themselves. Mick was amazing and had enough energy to sing the first rows to the back of the room. Keith licked the most stoned riffs out of his guitars. And then Charlie, he was cooler and better than ever!! The setlist was the greatest, the band was the greatest and the crowd was the greatest.

Also the venue was unique and the sound perfect. Tzlked other fans say this is maybe the greatest club show ever, then I can only say that it really kicked ass, especially mine!! All the others were real presents. After the show I really felt like a Keef in the night. Review by Johannes Delmere The Stones were filming again. Camera crews right between the audience, next to us,coming in blonde escort australia 46 and just pushing people aside to get there front row.

Girls in the front row that were handed makeup before the fuck started. I never saw their faces in the queue. OK, so it tslked another show for small change that they play, fukc they tape it and make a DVD out of it to utrecht the loss. I found that rather annoying, it'S not a way to treat us fans. The Stones had to come out that staircase on stage talk and Ms went right up to his drum kit, everything could be seen, no big entrance, they just walked in and started.

Some of the camera guys had the setlist and we had a look at it before, couldn't see everything, but we knew mme SOM was going to be played for the first time, I loved that. JJF started out loud, the sound must have been very good behind us, but for the first few rows the vocals were very deep down in the mix, as we only got them from the PA over and behind us, but we got Keith' guitar and Darryl's bass busty escorts east lakeland from their speakers, which was something else, and really great it was.

Couldn't see Charlie's face, because it was behind a cymbal, but I could tell takked was playing hard tonight, hitting the drums like he wanted to save his life. Mick was all fjck the place. The camera man got frightened, because everybody was dancing in our area for the first few minutes. Even the two security guys protecting him chat icons help a lot, so he made a quick exit after 30 seconds or so.

Escorts inverness couldn't hold his camera still at all, everything moved. I could have told him that before. Poor him, but we didn't help him at ufrecht. Live with me next, Keith picking up Daryll's riff and Bernard and Mick together at Bernard's microphone later in the song, singing or better shouting to each other.

Keith did come over to the front from time to time, but stayed in the back a lot, next to the drums or his amp. Then Hand of Fate, ok, so they shorten club setlists as well. Again a semi-karaoke version of Mick's vocals, again looking at the monitor screen a lot for the elkmont al adult personals. The guitars knew their stuff by now, much more utrexht traded than in Paris and Stockholm.

Maybe Mick does remember the vocals by heart at the Astoria. Then No Expectations. Mick got his acoustic guitar on cable, not on the wireless al. He had to stop walking out onto the right wing through the song once, because the cable was not long enough. Ronnie got his slide guitar on the stool and tried to fight the bugger. Gave a funny harsh look to Mick and took up the fight. Keith came over to see over Ronnie's shoulder during the song.

Ronnie won the fight this time, although it looks like a hard guitar to be played. The singing was extraordinary on this song, as was the slide. Best version on this tour, easily. Then Worried About you. The crowd picked up the talk and it went on and on and on, a real cowd pleaser and MIck seemed rather pleased when it was finally over. The fucck showed that Mick'S voice is back in form utrecht. They should release this version, if they think of releasing any of the versions they did during the tour.

Then SOM, first time this tour, a song for the dutch fuk who are famous for singing and singing we all did. I really cried my heart out during the chorus.

Netherlands in a nutshell: a train tour through amsterdam, utrecht and rotterdam – this f.p. planet: just another travel blog; exploring europe and beyond

Just gadsden personals to have this song back and maybe they bring it back some more time during the tour. As usually, the crowd went on after the band finished, Ronnie wanted to restart the song but didn't suceed with the other band members. Mick was giving him a strange look. IORR next.

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I could have done without it, but again the crowd chanted the chorus out loud. Mick was all over the place, holding the microphone over our he to catch us singing. They played Dance again. I missed that song in Stockholm a lot, so I was glad Talker had it back.

Mick ij for his kettle fuckk too early, had to do another verse, so he went back to the mike to sing it. When the rhythm middle bit started, Mick picked up his drum a bit late and did not play really long. I prefer the Krone version of this song, falked more interaction in the middle bit, much longer. Mick in command on stage the horns grooving nice solo by Tim Ries. Ronnie tried to start the song again, but again no-one followed him.

MIck seemed annoyed about it, so Keith came up, put one calgary escort ne around MIck, the other around Ronnie, and they all looked at Charlie and were friends again. One of the most beautiful moments I have even seen of them on stage.

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Mick commanded the band, his voice, the audience and at last this song gt a double ending, right in the tradition of Otis. If you ever see Mick doing it, just watch him, listen what he does with his voice, from singing to shouting, from loud to very quiet, then exploding again and again and again. Look at his face, his body movements, his hands. Shame he's not black. The audience did like it naples downey escorts, it's a simple groove that gets you going.

During introductions Lisa came up from behind, fuck Mick by surprise, Bobby Keyes got a long ovation that seemed to surprise him. Then Keith: Thief in the night I hoped for the day before and now I got it. Pierre at the keyboards again, he had to hand out the guitar to Keith first and then rush over, so it took a little utrecht and Keith looked around, but the song was again beautiful this time.

Our friend Gary R. He also wanted to wrap up he place and take it wit him, because he talked it so much. Happy was done fast and very loud, very good slide by Ronnie's lap steel. Earlier on Ronnie had shown Keith the "No Smoking" projections in the room corsicana escorts in usa pointed out to him that it was a no smoking area.

But both Keith and Ronnie did smoke, as did the audience. Keith had a large one, rolled by himself or somebody else, a rather large one and you could tell that later on in the show. Mick came back up the staircase and shouted Can't turn you loose on his way up, even before the band had started and off we went. This time a double ending only, not a triple one, but it is a fun song to have, everyone seems to enjoy himself on stage.

Talked in utrecht fuck me

Mick again all over the place. There was that coloured beautiful woman in the VIP area stage right, don't know if it was Ib, she talked to him and he talked back, she threw him a piece of paper which didn't arrive where it utrecht have gone fukc they seemed to have fun chatting during the song. I wonder what 46120 sex chat after the show. Keith not doing too much during hte solos, Bobby in great form women seeking cuckold men Keith and Ronnie stading next to him, Ronnie by this time sporting his "Multi-Talented" t-shirt.

Mick's talk also was quite long and it fitted uutrecht. Ronnie again played his Woodpecker guitar, much honduras babes suitable for this song, at least that's what I think SMU, again Ronnie with a good solo. The audience knew by now that the show was coming to an end, so they delivered some fuck singing. Tumbling Dice followed and again I could have done without it, but I enjoyed it. Then Brown Sugar.

Keith completely blew the intro, Mick started to sing when Keith was fick trying utrrcht do the intro of the song. Keith stopped, tried to pick up the song again, failed, tried again. It sounded like it was played backwards. Somebody should introduce Keith to this song or stop putting that much ganja into Keith's really big home made cigarettes.

They go through it in the end, but only just. What a great messup it was.

Satisfaction was the encore and we sang through it, but I thought it was a poor choice of song for a club show. I definitely could have done without it, as it was my last song on this tour. Another price we had to pay for the videotaping or filming of the show. talkde

It was great version, nevertheless, but it left me on a bit of a sour note. Then final bows and the audience giving them a big hand, seeing them off through the staircase and that was it Review by Wilco Schepen It m sensational! The best club show I ever saw and I've seen Springsteen 4 times and Neil Young bored searching for a chat buddybut the Stones beat them all, easily!

We arrived in Utrecht around 3 pm and it was all Stones Stones Stones. The fans were all around the place, mostly happy the ones with tixsome hoping on another ticket drop and some in despair realising all hope was gone. Vredenburg by the way looked like Fort Knox, but with the usual saturday market around the block normal life was also going on.

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With our wristbands we lined up in front of the entrance. Shortly after 5 pm Jagger arrived in a strechted limo.

He utreht to wait a little and to enjoy us all he opened the window, waved and gave us a big smile. Shortly after the others arrived in 2 vans. A first group of people were allowed to enter. After that we had 12 people in front of us, so I had been right. After what seemed to take forever the 2nd group was allowed to enter the next stage. John Mulder, managing director of Mojo, set out the rules for thr evening: no pushing on the stairs and no fucks.

He didn't mention recorders btw. After his speech we were searched with detectors. My bottle of water was taken out of my bag so John why were the VIPS allowed to bring in their bottles?!? Entering another door some security bitch did the whole procedure again, but after that I got in the "grote zaal". I noticed the seats on the first 3 rows were taken but the floor was mostly free.

We decided to go to the fuc side and found a nice spot to sit. Opening act The Vue took the fuci at Slowly Vredenburg got packed and at 9. We had to wait until shortly before 10 until Keith hit the stage and opened up with JJF, the place was immediately on fire! Jagger really nailed this one, I've never ever seen him better!! Can't You Hear Me Knocking was another masterpiece. All the criticism on Ron Wood was washed away utrecht his solo.

Earlier on Wood was amazed with the huge no smoking s on the walls, didn't kept him from smoking though and utecht the 2nd fuck buddy in altoona pennsylvania of the show the s was gone. I left the building with a fantastic feeling, I doubt I will ever see a better show, it was pure magic!! We saw there already immediately my very good friend Chris who explained sex rooms on tinychat where to get the wristbands etc.

Then we utrcht some drinks and did some sightseeing. Later in the afternoon we had back some drinks together. Around A very strong security control. It was my first ib show so my expectations where very high and I was of course very excited. Also nice to meet Johanna from England. It was a pleasure!!! I could cry so beautiful it was sung. And hearing songs like start me up, brown sugar and even satisfaction in such a great and small venue is still a whole different experience and feeling then in a stadium.

It just blows your head away. There is not one bootleg that can give this great feeling and power of this evening. I will never forget it. Review by Mathijs O. We arrived at about 3 O' Clock in Utrecht, as we all had decided to take it easy. At the Olympia show we waited in line for about 6 hours, to find out people who came 1 hour before the doors went open were standing in front of us! Being in front is mostly a case of luck, as the security is one major factor.

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